Beyond the Mind’s Eye (1992)

The early 1990s. The World Wide Web had come into being and would soon take the world by storm. Whitney Houston topped the charts with “I Will Always Love You”. Terminator 2 was the coolest thing ever seen on the silver screen. Windows 3.0 made the PC into a user-friendly alternative. Spawn became the most popular comic book overnight. And Doom changed the computer game market forever.

Such was the world into which The Mind’s Eye series of four films was released. The second of these, Beyond the Mind’s Eye, appears to have been the most popular and influential.

Looking into the Future segment from Beyond the Mind's Eye (1992)

The concept of The Mind’s Eye was to stitch together a series of computer animations, the most advanced that the day could offer, and smack on an electronic score (by Jan Hammer). No trace of a common plot. Not even any recurring themes, beyond what the spirit of the times suggested.

Sounds boring? Not for a minute! Sure, a few segments give you the feeling of “look what we can do with our cool new toys,” but even then the part of me that is still twenty-two years old will come out and say: “You know, that actually was pretty awesome in 1992.”

So I wish I had seen this back when it was first released. But even today, there is much in it beyond retro nostalgia. It is not altogether far-fetched to describe it as a sort of Fantasia of its time.

This film is best enjoyed in its entirety. Even though the separate parts are not interconnected, the 1990s feel and the music still make it feel as a whole.

Dreams segment from Beyond the Mind's Eye (1992)

Beyond the Mind’s Eye
Download link
Year: 1992
Running time: 50 min
Director: Michael Boydstun
Image quality: Excellent
Resolution: Medium (640×480)
Sound quality: Excellent
Best file format: CD/DVD image (1.5 G) or h.264 (296 M)

3 responses to “Beyond the Mind’s Eye (1992)

  1. This is nitpicking, but isn’t it called “the silver screen” in english? Or was that just in the early days?

    • If you have nothing but nits to pick, then by all means: pick them. And, yes, you are absolutely right. “The Silver Screen” is one of the reasons for the name of my blog. I had the impression that “the white screen” was also an acceptable phrase, but I have now checked and found that I was wrong on that account. I shall next correct the post so as to not upset any future readers. 😉

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