Odyssey into the Mind’s Eye (1996)

Today, advanced computer graphics is something that you come to expect in most new movies, at least in the action genre. Many times, these graphics are so advanced that the human eye cannot tell them apart from what has been filmed in “reality” (whatever that means in the world of motion pictures).

In the 1990s, this new technology was only starting to become a tool for film-makers, and films like the Mind’s Eye series, which was basically only a platform for showcasing the latest and best animations, were really cool and spectacular. Today, they seem a bit quaint, but they do have innate artistic values in addition to the nostalgia factor.

I have previously written about the series in my review of Beyond the Mind’s Eye. Now, the turn has come to the fourth and final part, Odyssey into the Mind’s Eye.

"Flying Start" by Doug Foster from Odyssey into the Mind's Eye (1996)

The differences between the four parts in the series are fairly subtle. They all reflect the visual and musical preferences of the early to mid 1990s. My feeling is that Odyssey is more thematically coherent than the other parts, but it has less originality, less metaphors, and less artistic integrity.

There are lots of things we have seen before, such as underwater scenery, futuristic cities, alien plant life and psychedelic patterns. The only part that feels really timeless, perhaps even groundbreaking, is the far too short segment titled “Martell – The Art of Cognac”. But I would still recommend Odyssey, especially if you enjoyed some of the earlier parts. At its best, it is soothing, dreamlike and almost meditative. True, the music is not as coherent as in the other parts, but it is still very good if you happen to like the 1990s.

The Odyssey into the Mind’s Eye copy to be found at the Internet Archive is a VHS rip, and therefore quality is less than perfect. It is a good VHS rip, however, and it is definitely enjoyable, unless you strive for optimal quality.

This film is best enjoyed after you have already seen some of the other parts in the series and want more of same.

"Aspen Moon" by Kurt McKeever in Odyssey into the Mind's Eye (1996)

Odyssey into the Mind’s Eye
Download link
Year: 1996
Running time: 1 h 6 min
Director: Steven Churchill, Edward Feuer
Image quality: Good
Resolution: Medium (640×480)
Sound quality: Good
Best file format: Cinepack (635 M)

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