The Internet Archive is a fantastic web site. Not only does it have The Wayback Machine, loads of scanned old books, music and other sounds, but also thousands of downloadable movies. All free for the taking. There are only two problems: Quality is extremely uneven, both in terms of technical and artistic quality, and the structure is chaotic at best, making it very difficult to find what you want.

This blog is aimed at the movies section of the IA, and hopes to provide one tool to help you find some of the gems amongst all the rubble, or if you like, some silver needles in the haystack. I would like to point out that this blog is in no way affililated with the IA, and the views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the IA staff and management (mumbojumbo, blah, blah).

The Archive only provides movies that are free to distribute, and therefore it is naturally skewed towards older productions. So if you get bored by black-and-white, if old special effects make you laugh, and if you think that silents are only sped-up comedies about throwing pies, then this blog is not for you. Or again, perhaps it is. You might learn something, which is usually a good thing.

My intention is to publish one post every Monday, and each post will focus on one movie.

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I will writing it!

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